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Course Goals:

The goals for this course include:


Most of the course material will be from online resources. We have one required textbook for the course:

Student Evaluation:

Course component %
Individual Assignments 50%
Take-home Quiz 5%
Class participation 5%
Team Assignments 40%

Due Dates

NOTE: All assignments will be due at 8 am on the day listed on the Assignments page.

Late Policy

Late work will be accepted within 24 hours after the due time, but you will be assessed 50% as late points. Absolutely no assignments will be accepted more than 24 hours late barring some extreme situation.

Part of an online course is planning and you must plan to send your material on time. Remember that, since there is no official class time, all discussions are asynchronous. This means that responses from me or members of the class will not be immediate, so you must plan ahead so that there will be plenty of time for your questions to be answered and for you to complete the work by the due time.