Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering

Below is a sample curriculum for an average student entering Colorado School of Mines and studying for a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. The institutional required courses are indicated in green, required Electrical Engineering courses are indicated in blue.

You may also want to view the Current Electrical Engineering Flowchart.

First Year
Math-111Calculus I4Math-112Calculus II4
DSCI-***Distributed Science Elective4PHGN-100Physics I4.5
CSM-101Freshman Success Seminar0.5EPIC-151Design I3
CHGN-121Principles of Chem I4DSCI-***Distributed Science Elective4
PAGN-101Physical Ed I0.5PAGN-102Physical Ed II0.5
LAIS-100Nature & Human Values4
Second Year
LAIS-200Human Systems3EBGN-201Principles of Econ3
PAGN-201Physical Ed III0.5EENG-284Digital Logic4
CSCI-261Programming Concepts3PAGN-202Physical Ed IV0.5
PHGN-200Physics II4.5EENG-282Electrical Circuits4
Math-213Calculus III4MATH-225Differential Eq3
Third Year
EENG-307Intro Feedback Control Sy3EENG-311ISS II3
MATH-332Linear Algebra3EENG-389Electric Machinery4
EENG-310Information systems science4EENG-386Engineering Electromagnet3
EENG-382Engineering Circuit Analysis3EENG-385Elec Devices & Circuits4
EENG-383Microcomputer Architectur4
EGGN-XXXStatics or Thermo3
Summer Field Session
EENG-334Field Session, Electrical3
Fourth Year
EGGN-491Senior Design I3EENG-***Electrical Elective3
EGGN-450Multidiscplinary EG Lab III1EGGN-492Senior Design II3
EENG-***Electrical Elective3****-3**Free Elective3
EENG-***Electrical Elective3****-3**Free Elective3
LAIS-XXXH&SS mid-level course from approved list3****-3**Free Elective3
LAIS-4XX400-level H&SS course from approved list3LAIS-XXXH&SS mid-level course from approved list3

So as not to confuse or mislead, this information simply represents a sample curriculum. If there are any discrepancies between this information and other sources, the final authority is the catalog (or bulletin) published the year the student entered CSM.

Flowchart and Worksheet

If you prefer a hardcopy version of the information provided above, we do have a list of flowcharts along with a worksheet for you to track your classes as completed.

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